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Car Spa

We strive for perfection here at Hyundai Neighbourhood Motors be it a complicated running repair for your car or a job as simple as cleaning a car. Well, it is not as simple as most of us think and requires a enthusiastic team and world class equipment, luckily for us we have both on board with us. German technology equipped washers, heavy duty vacuum cleaners, professional chemical agents to deal with tough stains and a group of energetic men makes us a perfect destination for thorough interior and exterior cleaning of your car. Aesthetics are important, however not just for the superficial purpose, also for the upkeep of you car parts which are in constant vulnerability to the dirt of the not so decent roads in our country.

Interiors are as important for the feel-good factor for the driver and other passengers in the car, a fresh smelling car can make your day early in the morning on your way to work. We tend to use our cars for Food and beverages from on the streets to getting groceries, eventually might end up developing multiple stains, accumulate dust and strange odour. For all those cars we receive here for repairs, we provide a complimentary washing service. However, we do have a Car Spa package for cars which simply require a good cleaning, starting from as low as Rs 2000+Taxes. For additional protection of your car aesthetics, we also provide a wax coating service for your exterior in order to save you from the minor scratches here and there.

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