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If you own a Hyundai Car, there is a routine check up and maintenance including free and paid services which is described to at the time of Vehicle Purchase. These include replacement of the parts with least life usually based on the distance your car has already covered, yet essential parts of your vehicle including air and fuel filters, engine/ gear oil refilling, coolant and AC Gas top ups, brake service. Even though these are smaller components of your engine in terms of value, their upkeep is what leads to a longer shelf life for your other more crucial and valuable parts. To give you a fair example, when you have the flu and a blocked nose, your lungs are unable to perform to their full capacity, keeping you at home and under the weather. The same way your body needs oxygen, your car needs it too and if the air filter is not replaced periodically your car will be unable to perform at full capacity. The longer you wait and neglect replacement of these essential parts, you are making your car susceptive to deeper damage. In the same way, engine oil acts as the blood of your car, and no periodic brake service could lead to a suspension damage or even worse could lead to a catastrophic event.

Since we are a Hyundai Authorized Service Centre, we also cover warranty claims of parts covered in your vehicle purchase package for untimely failures of some crucial components. Our team shall inspect and guide you through the process for the same.

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