Neighbourhood Motors Services Details - Hyundai Vehicles
  • Drain engine oil and refill, Special or synthetic oils are subject to additional charge
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check for excessive oil leaks
  • check for timing belt (cambelt) replacement interval and report if replacement due according to mileage or age
  • Check radiator condition
  • Check coolant cap seals
  • Check coolant hoses for leaks and condibon and security
  • Check electric cooling fan for operation where applicable
  • Check condition and tension of fan or altemator belt Adjust or report on condition
  • Check condition and adjust auxiliary dnve belts if required (excluding cambelt)
  • Replace air filter
  • Report if spark plugs are due to be changed according to mileage, an additional charge applies for the supply of plugs and fitment
  • Check and record antifreeze strength and minimum temperature and top up coolant as required
  • Drain out cooling system and replace coolant to correct specification
  • Replace spark plugs for petrol engines only. An additional charge applies for platinum or long life plugs
  • Check condition and security of undertray
  • Check fuelcap seal condition
  • Check visual condition of fuel lines.
  • Replace fuel filter(if fitted and external from fuel link)
Drive System
  • Check for correct clutch operation
  • Check for correct gearbox operation
  • Check and top up clutch fluid where applicable
  • Check drive shaft gaitors for security and repoort leaks.
  • Grease prop/shaft if applicable.
  • Check and top up axle and/or transaxle oil if applicable.
  • Top up gearbox fluid where applicable and not sealed.
  • Check operation of exterior lights.
  • Check horn.
  • Check diesel heater plug indicator operation where fitted.
  • Check battery security and lubricate terminals.
  • Check battery condition and print results.
  • Top up battery/non-sealed units only.
  • Check dashboard warning lights.
  • Visual inspection of HT (high tension)leads.
  • Test effectiveness of starter motor.
  • Test alternator charging rate - check security.
Steering & Suspension
  • Check and top up power steering resevoir where applicable.
  • Check steering and suspension components for wear and corrosion.
  • Check steering rack gaitors condition.
  • Check wheel bearings for excessive play or roughness.
  • Carry out shock absorber bounce test.
  • Grease steering and suspension where applicable.
  • Inspect exhaust system (including catalyst if fitted) for leaks, security and noise.
  • Visual check for exhaust smoke.
  • Check for excessive oil leaks
  • Check brake pads for wear or damage.
  • Check brake caliipers for leaks and security.
  • Check service brake shoes for wear or damage - clean and adjust if required (excludes internal handbrake shoes.)
  • Inspect operation of wheel cylinders and report any links.
  • Visual check brake hydraulic system, pipes and hoses for any leaks, chafing and corrosion.
  • Check security of handbrake linkages and travel. Lubricate and adjust if required.
  • Check brake discs and drums for wear, cracks, corrosion and scoring or pitting (excluding internal drums).
  • Check brake fluid level and top up if required.
  • Check brake servo operation.
  • Carry out brake fluid boil test and record readings.
  • Replace brake fluid and bleed system.
Tyres and Wheels
  • Remove road wheels.
  • Check tyre size and whether tyre is fitted to side wall instructions.
  • Check tyre condition and thread depth (including spare).
  • Check and adjust tyre pressures (including spare).
  • Set wheel nut torque to manufacturer's settings.
  • Check wheels for correct balance (including spare).
  • Check windscreen wiper condition and operation.
  • Check rear wiper condition and operation (if fitted).
  • Check windscreen washer operations, align jets and top up if required.
  • Check windscreen for chips and cracks.
  • Check mirror condition (interior and exterior).
  • Check number plate condition.
  • Advise if cabin filter is required according to age/mileage reccomendations and lasr change.
  • Check seatbelts - front and rear including lap belt.
  • Check operation of all external door locks.
  • Lubricate accessible door hinges (with white grease).
  • Reset vehicle service light where applicable (subject to data and tooling availability).
  • Conduct road test.
  • Lubricate bonnet catch.
  • Stamp Service book(indiacting a Halfords Autocentres Menu Service has been carried out).

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