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Car Repair

All cars including Hyundai go through a little wear and tear depending on a large number of factors, including daily distance covered, road quality on daily route, multiple driver pattern variations, distance travelled on the highway, distance travelled in traffic, AC usage etc. Also, there are some moments where you unknowingly push your car’s engine or suspension beyond its capabilities resulting in deeper damage. No one can possibly isolate a single cause for these issues.

We at Hyundai Neighbourhood motors boast a team of advisors with technical expertise for your Hyundai Car, who would suggest you the best possible solutions based on your purpose. This, along with a decent inventory of genuine spares makes us a one stop solution of all your running repairs. These services include Engine related issues, Clutch Service, Suspension and steering related problems, fixing your exhaust related worries and temperature control of the entire machine, to name a few. From as miniscule as fixing a tyre puncture to an engine overheating issue we have a complete solution for your Hyundai.

We end to end solution for your tyres. Rest assured, any trouble to your Hyundai car WE WILL FIX IT.

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